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The North Carolina hacker community is full of awesome people doing interesting stuff.
Some of our favorites are listed below

NC2600's Friends and Family

Many of these groups have their roots in the 2600 community and there is a good amount of overlap in membership/attendance. Check out some events and help support the local scene.



NC's original hacker con. Founded in 2005 and still going strong. Now located in the Charlotte area

Oak City Locksport

Locksport Enthusiasts

Lockpicking is fun! Started as a TOOOL Chapter, then became it's own thing. If you've picked locks at a local con in the RDU area, chances are it was probably with them.


Defcon Group

Defcon Group in the RDU area that was founded a decade ago, died out and was re-founded a while back.They do awesome trainings and talks during their monthly meetings

Fox Pick

Charlotte Locksport Group

Another locksport group, located on the Charlotte end of the state. If you've picked locks at a con in Charlotte or South Carolina or the surrounding areas, it was probably with them. Their events are always used to raise money for charity.


The new kid on the block. This con started up in Chapel Hill in 2019, after CarolinaCon relocated to Charlotte.

RTP Security + Beers

Do you like security? Do you like beer? Then this is the group for you. They meet up, drink beer and talk about security. What more could you ask for?

BSides RDU

Security BSides conference in the RDU area. Formerly BSidesRaleigh. Always a good time.

BSides Charlotte

Security BSides conference in the Charlotte Area. They were on hiatus but are back as of 2019.